Friday, September 2, 2011

Taking Stock - Week 17 & 18

 What I accomplished this week (Friday to Thursday)
Well, this fortnight, I didn't actually finish anything, but I did start a few things:
* Beaded Obi Belt
* Double Circle Skirt
* Stained Glass Window Quilt.

And, I pledged to join Self-Stitched-September 2011!

Spring has finally arrived here (thank goodness!) and I have been revelling in the sunshine and warmth I've been missing all winter. I went camping over the weekend, and it was just so gorgeous and blue (so I'm going to pretty up this post with some pictures of the weekend).


Finished Projects 2011

Autumn leaf table runner Gifts (Tarof Family)
Ruffle dress Work Clothing
Olive dress Work Clothing
* Maroon Skirt Work Clothing
* White damask skirt Work Clothing
White Damask blazer Work Clothing
Magenta stretch dress Work Clothing
Green stretch dress Work Clothing
Apron for Robyn Gifts
* Oopsie the Octopus Gifts (Tarof Family)
Circles Table Runner Gifts (Tarof Family)
A5 art book bag Gifts (Tarof Family)
1950s Apron Gifts (Tarof Family)
4 x Baby bibs Gifts (Tarof Family)
Kyles’ art book messenger bag Gifts (Tarof Family)
Wild West dress for stomp Home Clothing
* Embroidery practice Gifts
3 x olive cushion covers House Stuff
* Drafted red ruffle skirt pattern
Navy swirl skirt Home / Work Clothing
Lace underskirt Home / Work Clothing
Beige button skirt Home / Work Clothing
Teal dress (coffee date dress) Home / Work Clothing
4 x cream cushions (and now I’m all done with cushion covers) House Stuff

Projects on the go
Herringbone wool skirt Home / Work Clothing
* Blazer with teal and black design Work Clothing
* Red Ruffle Skirt Home / Work Clothing


Future Projects with fabric already purchased
* 52 weeks of quilt blocks quilt Christmas 2011
Teal blazer to go with damask skirt Home Clothing
* Black damask dress Work Clothing
* Pink and black damask dress Work Clothing
* Hearts dress (fabric) Home Clothing
* Hearts dress (quilt cover) Home Clothing
* Tara top – floral quilting fabric Home Clothing
* Tara dress – pink quilting fabric, Home Clothing
* Ying Yang gathered top Home / Work Clothing
* Red ruffle skirt Home / Work Clothing
* Blue corset with quilting fabric Home Clothing
* Refashion of black patterned dress from Big W Home Clothing
* Refashion of purple patterned dresses from Big W Home Clothing
* Underskirts / petticoats for summer dresses Home / Work Clothing
* Hot pink drill dress Home Clothing
* Hot pink check dress with pleats to create pink waist Home Clothing
* Red and Black Wool Skirt Home / Work clothing
Over skirt with buttons (inspired by pinterest skirt) leaf baby cord Home Clothing
Hot pink and Aqua skirt with flower/ reverse applique design Home Clothing
Future Project Ideas
* Shorts for pole Home Clothing
* Olive jacket/ coat Home / Work Clothing
* Slips to keep me warm under summer dresses Home / Work Clothing
* Duro Dress / top Home / Work Clothing
* Over-The-Head 1950s reproduction pattern dress Home / Work Clothing
* Bag thing to cover and carry my baby sewing machine Sewing Gadgets
* bias tape skirt Home Clothing

UFO Projects - or, the sewing basket challenge
This is things that I know I have to do, but just haven't quite gotten to yet
* Hem red and orange long skirt
* Waistband on red satin circle skirt
* Waistband on can can underskirt
* Move debutantes dress zipper to side and lower neckline
* loose lace on stomp wedding dress
* redo waistband on wild west dress
* make red crepe wrap around skirt wearable
* pockets for mums red jacket
* polka dot ruffle skirt

Fabrics in my stash
As I slowly go through my stash, I will keep updating this list. Because honestly, I have no idea what is in my stash at the moment. These are just the things in the boxes I can get to.
* Purple/red/blue knitted fabric
* Fan fabric
* Striped (white base) terry towelling – polycotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Fish (white base) terry towelling – polycotton – scraps
* White/Cream stretch fabric – 100% cotton – 1m, 150cm wide
* Hearts in straight line (white base) stretch fabric – 100% cotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Green leaves fabric – 100% cotton – 1m, 115 wide
* Green and white Michael miller dandy damask – 100% cotton – 3 yards, 150cm wide
* Red with blue and white whales fabric – 100% cotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Navy blue acrylic felt – .6m, 80cm wide
* Rose pink stretch drill - Cotton lycra - 4.9m, 150cm wide
* Rose bed sheets
* Black satin bed sheets
* green micheal miller fabric
* Japanese leaf fabric
* More black sating than I know what to do with
* black shot with navy blue pleated/crinkled satin. - 100% manmade, 1m, 150cm wide
* lilac tulle knit, - 100% man made, 1m, 150cm wide
* hot pink tulle knit, - 100% man made, 1m, 150cm wide
* pink tshirt weight knit, unknown fibre, .5m, 150cm wide
* purple tshirt weight knit, unknown fibre, .5m, 150cm wide
* hot pink fleece (hoodie material), 1m, 150cm wide
* light pink fleece (hoodie material), 1m, 150cm wide
* grey knit with red design, 10m, 150cm wide
* red organza, 3m, 150cm wide (has flaws)
* white fabric with flowers, tshirt weight stretch, 1m, 150cm wide
* small pieces: purple striped t shirt weight knit (used for d of e skirts)
* small pieces: hearts on blue t shirt weight knit (used for d of e skirts)
* white with yellow polka dots t shirt weight knit, 1m, 150cm
* small pieces: black t shirt weight knit
* baby blue t shirt weight knit, 1 m, 150cm wide
* green paisley satin, 2m, 150cm wide
* yellow with butterflies, quilting weight cotton, 1m, 150cm wide
* small pieces: red with pink stars polar fleece
* small pieces: purple with sparkle quilting weight cotton
* with with stripes (d of e skirt and pants) t shirt weight knit, 1m, 150cm wide
* purple slinky lycra, 2m, 150cm wide
* baby yellow with small white spots t shirt wight knit, small piece
* small piece: plain lavender cotton
* small piece: green with flowers quilting weight cotton
* burnt orange flowers corduroy
* burnt orange cheese cloth

8 in 28 ideas
* Red Crepe Ruffle Skirt
* Green and black damask skirt (COMPLETED)
* Pink and black piped dress
* Tara Dress (pink fabric)
* Tara top (quilting fabric)
* Duro Dress
* 1950s Wrap Dress
* Button Skirt and Cream underskirts (COMPLETED)
* Black and red wool Skirt
* Blue Cushion Covers (COMPLETED)
* Baby cord leaf skirt


Stash Busting Ideas
* Top with purple/red/blue knitted fabric Home / Work Clothing
* 1950s inspired swim suit from purple lycra Home Clothing

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