Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mum's wedding outfit

For the same weddings as I wore my strawberry shortcake dress, I made my Mum's outfit. I need to get more photos of it, and photos of the individual garments, and there will eventually be a jacket out of the skirt fabric, but here it is so far:



The jacket and shirt are made from green chiffon, the undershirt is made from a green satin, and the skirt is a gorgeous embroidered silk.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this outfit is that it was finished. Eleventh hour sewing if I ever did it, it was finished the day before I flew across the country to Perth for the first wedding. I'm really happy with the skirt, undershirt and skirt, although the jacket still needs work. The silk one is going to be perfect. It doesn't have a choice :P

The skirt has a hand picked zipper and a hand picked hem - two of my favourite elements of this outfit. All the tops are finished with self bias binding.

Oh, and I'm counting this as my 'Mum' challenge for the sew weekly. (I decided to make the challenge my own, and rather than sewing something inspired by mum, I sewed for mum).

Some Gifts - Chocolate dipped pretzels.

For my friends, I once again made food. This time, chocolate dipped pretzels, with sprinkles. I reckon they're pretty, right?






Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Gifts - cushion covers

I made some cushion covers as Christmas gifts this year.

Four sets of three cushions were based off an idea I saw on a blog (although I can't remember which one - I more saw the picture and made my own version).


The other set of three cushions was based off an idea I think I saw on craftgossip, and pinned to my gift ideas pinterest page:

Mine are a little different, but I'm very happy with the results. The cushions have a zipper on the back, with a large flap hiding it.






strawberry shortcake dress.

The Strawberry Shortcake dress.


This is another knock-off from modcloth, based on their truly yours strawberry dress (although theirs is chiffon and mine is cheesecloth):

I made it months ago (seriously), and have worn it to a dance party, to my mother's graduation and not one but two weddings so far. And I really hadn't gotten any good photos of it to blog about. But, at the last wedding, it was perfect weather, and we got some good shots of the dress (although I did forget to photograph the shrug I made to wear with it that is the same pink as the midriff band... next time I guess).


This is another version of the burdastyle drape dress, and it's one of the three dresses I've made from the pattern so far. I'm very happy with this one - each of the pleats in the midriff band are basted into place to get them to stay though. I'm really happy with how well I lined them up. They match almost perfectly across the right hand side seam.


I didn't put the invisible zipper in perfectly on the left hand side seam, but I'm okay with that. I've worn the dress enough times that it's not really an issue any more.


I also made the fascinator that I'm wearing in each of these photos for a dance routine a few years ago, and I'm happy to be able to get a second chance to wear it.



The Details

fabric: lining 3 m poplin $4.55/m total $13.65; red band 5.m$16.60/m total $8.30; pink and silver fabric from stash; cheesecloth: 1.5m dark pink 1.5m dusky pink 1.25m light pink at $5.00/m total $21.25
notions: thread; zipper from stash
pattern: Burdastyle drape dress, used previously

total: $43.20


All up, this is one of my favourite creations. It isn't the cheapest thing I've ever sewn, but it's also in no way the most expensive. It's comfortable, and pretty and makes me happy every time I wear it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Gifts - clothing

First off, I have to apologise about the bad photos for both of these. I was slightly restricted for time for both of them - I gifted them the same day I made them.

Both of these dresses are being counted towards my Sew Weekly challenges for the year. In fact, I am using the dress, skirt and top to check off three of the challenges.

Firstly, a red dress for my friend D. I visited her in Perth recently, and ended up giving her the red and black lace look dress. This one.


She also mentioned that she really liked the style, but couldn't find anything like it in the shops. And that she was looking for a red dress. So, I made her one. I counted it as my "Do Over" item - it's exactly the same pattern, no alterations made, just made a second time around.

The dress is made from a red fabric I had in my stash, using thread from my stash and a pattern I'd used previously - meaning that it essentially cost me nothing.


Next, for my housemate C, who has vowed that she isn't allowed to buy any more black clothing, I made a skirt and a blouse. The skirt is counting towards the "Orange" Sew Weekly challenge, and the blouse is counting towards the "Patternless"challenge (although both of them are patternless).

C has been lusting after orange skirts, and mullet skirts (which I keep referring to as tulip skirts). I remembered that a while back, I had pinned this tutorial (which was featured on craftgossip) for a fishtail skirt.

Using that as my basis, and some thrifted orange cheesecloth in my stash, plus some new pink bias binding for the hem and waistband, I created a gathered waist version for C. For the top, I again used something that I'd seen on craftgossip, a tutorial for a wrap top. Which was inspired by the vintage photo below.

Between the two of them, I'm very happy with the result. Both of them are adjustable enough to suit C, and allowed me to not need to surreptitiously gain any of her measurements.

The top used new fabric, bias binding and satin binding, and the skirt used new bias binding. All up, it cost me about $15 to make the outfit.


I used a double layer of warm white rayon, with a white cotton bias tape for the thin tie, and cream satin blanket binding for the thicker tie. Although, I may have to shorten each of the ties. But, that can come later.

Some Gifts - necklaces

Whenever possible, I like to give handmade gifts. I like the way that they are more personal, and that I often don't end up spending as much (financially) on them, although I do invest more time in them. As many others have, I have discovered a love of pinterest, and have pinned many many many things. One of my boards is dedicated to gift ideas, and pinned there is this:

Cute, isn't it?

Using that as my starting point, I scoured my stash. I came up with lace and other ribbon like items, but fewer of the pearl like beads that I  was drawn to in the inspiration necklace. So, I visited my local dollar store and came home with fifteen dollars worth of beads (and I still have a lot of beads left), and made the following necklaces: