Saturday, September 17, 2011

Self-Stitched-September Item 2

So, a while back, I pinned this skirt from anthropologie on pinterest:

Cool, isn't it?

Then, I remembered I had downloaded this pattern from Neu4bauer, available here:

The vintage pattern was available for free download, and reminded me of the anthropologie skirt. Although, I was never into the yellow colour of the anthropologie skirt (yellow is a colour that isn't in my wardrobe anywhere. It just isn't my colour).

I made just the skirt from the pattern. I forgot that vintage patterns tend not to include seam allowances, so just sewed it up with my normal 1.5cm seam allowances. The original hip measurement was for 106cm. My hips are 100cm, so with the seam allowances, it ended up being a perfect fit. And not the perfect-around-the-hips-but-way-to-big-around-the-waist fit I'm used to with modern patterns, but a perfect fits-my-waist-and-hips-fit. I was shocked and pleased.

See, the entire reason I have no high waisted anything in my wardrobe, is because if it fits my waist, it doesn't fit my hips and  vice versa. So for this pattern to fit first go was so surprising, and nice, and well, I think I'm going-to-make-again worthy. It wasn't the easiest pattern to make, but totally worth it.

And here is the point this skirt became a UFO. I had made the skirt up to the point where I needed to make button holes and hem the skirt. I knew I wanted to make bound button holes, but somehow I didn't do it. I know I started this skirt in the first week of July, because I started it the weekend before my last week at my public service job. And, I finished up to the no-button-holes-or-hem point. Then I hung it on a hanger, put it on the hook behind my bedroom door... and sorta forgot about it. Well, more, I put clothing on top of it.  Then, I was tidying my room this week, and actually put the thinks hung on the back of my door into the wardrobe. And the skirt resurfaced. So, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish the skirt.

For my fashion course, I am making a jacket with bound pockets and button holes. So, I made samples to go in my folio for class, and then used the technique I'd just learnt to make 5 buttonholes in my skirt. I sewed the buttons on (with a fancy thread shank and everything!), and hemmed the skirt. And getting the pleat hem length even was hard.


And then, I had a finished, wearable skirt!


I wore this skirt on Wednesday, and was amazed just how comfortable it was. I kinda felt like I had stepped off the set of Mad-Men (not having ever watched that show, it was more the secretary-vibe I got from the outfit). I have even worn it again - to a job interview on Friday. Although the weather is warming up, so soon the skirt will just be too warm to wear, I have a feeling it's going to become a winter staple for me.

I am a using this skirt as the Sew Weekly UFO item, as well as being the second item I have sewn for Self-Stitched-September '11.

The Facts
Fabric: Thrifted Wool from Stash
Pattern: Downloaded vintage pattern from Neu4bauer, available here, free.
Year: 1950s, I think
Notions: Thrifted buttons, $2.00; thread
Time to complete: I honestly have no idea. Finishing the hem and button holes probably took about 4 hours.
First worn: September 2011
Wear again? I already have - to a job interview on Friday.
Total Cost: $2

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