Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A wedding dress practice skirt

I'm making a wedding dress for my friend D (I'm also one of her brides' maids, and making the bridesmaid's dresses). D's wedding is about 6 months away, but she is starting to work on her wedding dance. Skirts make dancing interesting, especially if you're not used to dancing in them. So, a practice skirt is necessary. The difficulty we face is that she lives in Perth, I live in Canberra, and the other bridesmaid lives in New Zealand.

Clearly, toiles are going to be my friend.

The other thing is the guy who is helping them choreograph their wedding dance lives in Canberra. I also dance the style of dance, so seems I needed a practice skirt as well.

D's practice skirt is made from a thin satin, lined with a heavy calico. I put in a self-cover button pick up at the back, to allow her to dance. Trains and dancing do not get along.

D's Practice Skirt - Back

D's Practice Skirt - Side

D's Practice Skirt - Front

D's Practice Skirt - Side

D's Practice Skirt - Back with pickup

D's Practice Skirt - Side with pickup

My version of the dress is a slightly thicker satin, again lined with heavy calico.

My Practice Skirt - Side Front

My Practice Skirt - Side Back

My Practice Skirt - Back