Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stained Glass Window Quilt - Part 1

Months and months ago, I decided that for Christmas this year, I was going to make my parents a quilt. They were the recipients of the only other quilt I have ever made, which I have no photos of, so I can't show you. But it is still on their bed. It was squares wonkily sewn together, and big. My mum actually ended up doing all the quilting of it in the end. They still use it.

I'm planning that this quilt is going to be just as big - I'm aiming for 245x275cm when finished. And, my inspiration is some of the gorgeous stained glass windows I saw in churches and cathedrals in Europe. the design is still being worked out, but I had a spare half hour today, so I thought I'd try of the piecing technique I'm going to use. Now, I'm sure what I've done has a name somewhere in the quilting world, but I don't know it.


Basically, I took 6 squares of fabric, and cut them in half unevenly along 2 parallel sides. I then sewed them back together with a different design fabric. Then, I took those squares and cut them again, on the opposite sides. then I joined the squares up. Although, they aren't perfectly square - I'm going to have to decide if I like that look of off kilter squares, or if I am going to size each square before I sew them together. I'm leaning away from doing that, just a touch, because all up, this quilt is going to need about 2000 of those little squares. They're each about 5cmx5cm when finished.

I really love the vibrancy of the oranges - I'm also using a similar collection of blue fabrics, a red banding fabric, and a black based aboriginal-dot-painting-style fabric. 

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