Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wild West Dress for Stomp - The photos

I realised just how huge the pattern drafting tutorial post was, so I decided to separate out all of my details shots.

I managed to forget my camera the day that I wore it, and it's been really cold here, so I haven't quite been able to convince myself to put it on to take photographs (it's really a summer dress, made from light fabrics, and it's the middle of winter here, but summer dresses are better for dancing)

The Wild West Dress

Front Yoke
Front Placket
Contrast Fabric 1; Contrast Fabric 2; Main Fabric
Front Placket, Piping, and double top stitching. Pleats in skirt.
Overlap of Skirt 15cm above hemline
Back View (and it did sit evenly on me, I'm just really bad at dressing the dress form, and didn't realise how unevenly it was sitting until I downloaded the photos)
Back Yoke
Detailing of the back yoke and piping, with three layers of top stitching
Hem of skirt, contrast fabrics longer than main fabric (I just love the middle fabric with the silver stripes)
Skirt Back Detail - gathers, piping and double top stitching of midriff band
Sleeve from back.

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