Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Apron

Another Apron

When I saw this fabric, it just screamed ‘you need to make chevrons!’ So I did.

The hardest part of making the chevrons was figuring out how to make the chevrons. Because I couldn’t find any lined paper, I grabbed a sheet of blank paper, and quickly drew some lines on it, then cut it at an angle to see if rotating it would give me chevrons. And I’m really grateful I did, because here’s the answer: if you just cut all of your strips parallel, when you rotate them, the stripes will still be the same way, and won’t give you chevrons.

So, I tried again, this time folding the paper in half before cutting my strips.

This way, it actually worked, and I ended up with fancy chevrons!

I was using an apron I received for Christmas as my pattern, so I measured the widest point. I divided the width by 6 to get the width of my chevrons.

So, I did the same thing to my fabric: folded it in half, marked lines evenly, and cut along them.

Then, taking alternating top and bottom pieces, I sewed them together to get my chevron patterned fabric. I then ironed all the seams open, so the fabric sat flat.

The edges do end up a little uneven though.

I placed my apron-pattern on, and lining up the edges with the edge of a chevron seam, cut out one from the chevron fabric, and one from the polka-dot backing fabric.

I made straps out of the polka dot backing fabric, and sewed them in place. I sewed a hand pleated ruffle of polka dots on the bottom edge.

I added the straps and the double d-ring to create an adjustable neck strap.

Then, I sewed the backing and front together, clipped the curves, turned the apron right sides out, and top stitched around the edges.

Lastly, I added a pocket, using more of the chevron fabric. I decided to continue the line of the chevrons, so that the pocket chevrons actually go in the opposite direction to the chevrons on the main apron.

And a final photo of the apron:

I’m very happy with how this one turned out.

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