Wednesday, July 20, 2011

8 in 28 Item 6 and 7

So, while stalking pinterest (have I mentioned that my day job is incredibly quiet? And I don't have a whole lot to do? And I spend about three quarters of an average day surfing the web, reading blogs, and looking through pinterest posts? And, most excitingly, that I have quit, and only have 9 days left?! Well, yeah...) I came across these two skirts:

Both of which I thought were super cute, and I put them on my 'I must sew them' list.

Then, someone in my dance class turned up wearing something very similar. Which was kinda my final push to actually sewing one myself.

For the underskirt, I was originally going to sew something like this:

But then discovered I didn't have any suitable fabrics (I know, right? I have a huge fabric stash, and nothing suitable). So that got put on the back burner while I made the overskirt.

I used a doona (duvet, quilt) cover I purchased at an op shop (thrift store) a few months ago. I loved the pattern with the kinda-seersucker quality. I just wasn't sure what to do with it. It was perfect for this project though.

Both the overskirt and the underskirt are based off my simple A-Line skirt pattern (so easy and quick to do, and it only needs 4 measurements! My tutorial is here)

Here is my finished overskirt:


And then I discovered this:

Isn't it pretty?

I was at a sewing shop picking up a darning foot for my machine, when I spotted some lace under their counter, and bought some. Turns out, it was exactly the right colours for my overskirt. I just didn't get enough of it.

So, I started the lace skirt as an underskirt, went out (to a different fabric store) and purchased much more (too much, but oh well, I now have plans for the extra lace), and sewed myself a lace skirt. And a bonus, it works both as an underskirt, and by itself!


Each of the layers of lace are different, and the bottom one has a green tint that picks up the green hue of the overskirt and the buttons.

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