Friday, May 27, 2011

Christmas tree frame and two birds

It seems that I've had this post sitting unpublished for a while... for five months to be exact. These were two of the Christmas gifts I made last year.

Christmas Tree Frame

When I went and took out private health insurance (I wear glasses, which mean regualr visits to an optometrist, and have a back injury which means semi-regular visits to an osteopath, so it's kinda a no brainer for me to take it out, but, luckily, in Australia, it isn't compulsory, and I can still get medical treatment without it) I was inspired by something hanging in the shop window across from my health insurer. Because it took like over an hour to actually take out isurance, beucase the girl didn't seem to know what she was doing, or was having a bad day, or something, so I had a lot of time to stare out the window. That day was one of the few that I didn't have my camera on me, so sadly I don't have a picutre of the original inspiration.

But, the shop across the way was a framing place, and had frames of varying sizes aranged and hung to form a Christmas Tree shape.

So, taking that as my inspiration, I found a bunch of small frames at thrift stores and dollar shops (you can still see the price stickers on some of them):

painted them:

and hung small ornaments from them:

Then, using a large frame from a thrift store, I backed the whole thing with a red and gold Christmas fabric, and super glued the whole lot in place. I stretched the fabric nice and tight by taping it to the back of the board, and glued this to the frame.

I used LOTS of super glue on this project, but hot glue would possibly have worked better for some of it.


Onec I had finished the Christmas Tree frame, I had a decent number of frames and ornaments left over, and a few people to still make presents for. So, for some of our family friends who spend every Christmas Eve with us, I made the two birds frame.

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