Friday, May 27, 2011

8 in 28, or giving myself a deadline

I have been realising over the last few weeks, as I put together the 'taking stock' posts, that with a deadline, I sew very effectively. Without a deadline, and i get basically nothing done.

So, in the interests of actually acheiving some sewing, and reducing my stash over the next few weeks, I am seeting myself the 8 in 28 challenge.

Basically, this means I am aiming to finish 8 items in 28 days.

And yes, I do know that means I will need to sew 2 things per week. I can sew a fully lined dress start to finish in a day, so I should be able to acheive this.

I ams etting myself more items that the challenge, to allow for any mishaps along the way, or feeling unispired by something, or, really any other impediment to me actually finishing a set item. Plus, a little bit of choice is always nice, isn't it?

My plan for the challenge:

Item 1: Red Ruffle Skirt

I have a gorgeous red crepe that is just begging to be used. It's a red-red, and has been sitting in my stash for about 9 years. I made a wrap around skit with some of it, but I have a heap left over.

When I saw this skirt inspired by an Anthropologie skirt, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of the red crepe.


Item 2: Green and Black Skirt

The skirt below was always meant to be a shell, so I figure I should actually make the skirt that I was making the shell for.

Item 3: Pink and Black piped Dress

I've found pinterest, and I now spend what could be considered too much time on it. But, I have been inspired by this dress (from an etsy seller, and now sold, plus it's vintage, so I don't feel so bad about using it as inspiration - I think I might even try to replicate the neckline. I mainly don't feel bad about it because it's not something that I could buy now, and even if I could buy it, none of the proceeds would be going to the designer or maker).

Source via pinterest
Item 4: Tara Dress

After seeing the Tara Dress Frock by Friday at grosgrain, I have a gorgeous fabric that I think would make a lovely Tara dress


Item 5: Tara Top

Also inspired by the Tara dress, I'd like to make a Tara Top.

Item 6: Duro Dress

Inspired by seeing the Duro Dress on a dress a day, (she has a lot of duro posts. This is just one of them,) I bought the pattern. Which was 4 months ago now. So, I think I should make it.


Item 7: 1950s wrap dress

This is another dress I was inspired by a dress a day to try, using Butterick 1952, a retro pattern reprint.

Source via a dress a day

Item 8: Button overskirt and cream underskirts

This one is just cute. I love the way that the coloured underskirts peek out from under the dark denim.

Item 9: Black and red wool skirt

I don't have a specific image in mind, maybe an A-line skirt?

Item 10: 3 cushion covers

I don't have a pretty picture of the cushion cover for you, but really, they are cushions. Squares of fabric with a zip in the back.

Item 11: baby cord leaf skirt  with underskirts

Again, from pinterest, like this one:

Source: via Helen on Pinterest

I have all of the fabric and notions to complete all these items except the piping and contrast fabric for the pink and black piped dress. So, I should manage to get some good stash busting out of this :)

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