Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I've really been up to

I have been posting my 'taking stock' posts regularly, and while they are a great reference for me, I have a feeling that they are kinda boring for all of you. After all, they are just a list with no photos.

So, in a more interesting way, what have I really been up to?

Well, I have three garments sewn and ready to show you. They just need to be photographed. Which has been hard, because they weather here has been awful the last few weeks.

I have two garments about half done, which I want to show you really soon, but depends on when I get them finished - I'm making bound button holes for one of them, something I've never done before, so that may take a little while.

And lastly, I quit my job! An office job and I really don't get along. I'm not great with dealing with beauracracy, and boy, did my job have a lot of it. Don't get me wrong, the pay was nice, and I learnt a lot from it, but it wasn't the job for me. The weeks before I left, I would have to talk myself out of bed in the mornings. Something I recognise as neither healthy, nor a good sign. Thursday was the last day, and I saw a bunch of friends yesterday. One of them commented on how much happier I looked. And I feel happier, too.

Going along with the now lack of job, I start a fashion design course part time in two weeks! I'm scared and excited (the last time I actually studied anything like this, I was still at school - that's eight years ago now!) so I understand why I'm feeling like this.

Canberra, usually a fairly boring, white-bread, public-servant city, has been hosting an outdoor ice skating rink the last few weeks, and my friends and I went skating yesterday, which was fun. I had forgotten how much fun something like that - it was that kinda 'this is so lame it's looped back and is actually very cool' - can be. And not only was skating fun, my friends managed to get a few shots of me that actually look decent. I'm not a photogenic person, so it's fairly amazing when that happens.

ice skating group shot
Ice skating - and my pants left is half up because I forgot to roll it down after lacing the skate.

So, that's my life, in not a list form :)

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