Sunday, June 12, 2011

Taking Stock - Week 7

Finished Projects 2011

* Autumn leaf table runner Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Purple tea-with-the-debutantes dress Work Clothing
* Ruffle dress Work Clothing
* Olive dress Work Clothing
* Maroon Skirt Work Clothing
* White damask skirt Work Clothing
* White Damask blazer Work Clothing
* Magenta stretch dress Work Clothing
* Green stretch dress Work Clothing
* Apron for Nerilee Gifts
* Apron for Robyn Gifts
* Oopsie the Octopus Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Circles Table Runner Gifts (Tarof Family)
* A5 art book bag Gifts (Tarof Family)
* 1950s Apron Gifts (Tarof Family)
* 4 x Baby bibs Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Kyles’ art book messenger bag Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Adam’s art book messenger bag Christmas 2010
* Wild West dress for stomp Home Clothing
* Embroidery practice Gifts
* Pleated skirt with teal and black design Work Clothing

What I accomplished this week (Friday to Thursday)

* 2 x blue cushion covers House Stuff
* little hearts pjs using Tara top patterns and collette mini bloomers pattern Home clothing

8 in 28 ideas

* Red Crepe Ruffle Skirt
* Green and black damask skirt (COMPLETED)
* Pink and black piped dress (buy piping fabric!)
* Tara Dress (pink fabric)
* Tara top (quilting fabric)
* Duro Dress
* 1950s Wrap Dress
* Button Skirt and Cream underskirts
* Black and red wool Skirt
* Blue Cushion Covers (COMPLETED)
* Baby cord leaf skirt

Projects on the go

* Blazer with teal and black design Work Clothing
* 1 olive cushion House Stuff

Future Projects with fabric already purchased

* 52 weeks of quilt blocks quilt Christmas 2011
* 2 x Blue cushions House Stuff
* Black damask dress Work Clothing
* Pink and black damask dress Work Clothing
* Hearts dress (fabric) Home Clothing
* Hearts dress (quilt cover) Home Clothing
* Teal dress Work Clothing
* Tara top – floral quilting fabric Home Clothing
* Tara dress – pink quilting fabric, Home Clothing
* Ying Yang gathered top Home / Work Clothing
* Red ruffle skirt Home / Work Clothing
* Blue corset with quilting fabric Home Clothing
* Refashion of pink tops from Big W Home Clothing
* Refashion of black patterned dress from Big W Home Clothing
* Refashion of purple patterned dresses from Big W Home Clothing
* Underskirts / petticoats for summer dresses Home / Work Clothing
* Hot pink drill dress Home Clothing
* Hot pink check dress with pleats to create pink waist Home Clothing
* Red and Black Wool Skirt Home / Work clothing
* Over skirt with buttons (inspired by pinterest skirt) leaf baby cord Home Clothing

Future Project Ideas

* Shorts for pole Home Clothing
* Olive jacket/ coat Home / Work Clothing
* Slips to keep me warm under summer dresses Home / Work Clothing
* Duro Dress / top Home / Work Clothing
* Over-The-Head 1950s reproduction pattern dress Home / Work Clothing
* Bag thing to cover and carry my baby sewing machine Sewing Gadgets
* bias tape skirt Home Clothing

UFO Projects - or, the sewing basket challenge

This is things that I know I have to do, but just haven't quite gotten to yet

* Hem red and orange long skirt
* Waistband on red satin circle skirt
* Waistband on can can underskirt
* Move debutantes dress zipper to side and lower neckline
* loose lace on stomp wedding dress
* redo waistband on wild west dress
* make red crepe wrap around skirt wearable
* pockets for mums red jacket

Fabrics in my stash

As I slowly go through my stash, I will keep updating this list. Because honestly, I have no idea what is in my stash at the moment. These are just the things in the box I can get to.

* Purple/red/blue knitted fabric
* Fan fabric
* Striped (white base) terry towelling – polycotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Fish (white base) terry towelling – polycotton – scraps
* White/Cream stretch fabric – 100% cotton – 1m, 150cm wide
* Hearts in straight line (white base) stretch fabric – 100% cotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Green leaves fabric – 100% cotton – 1m, 115 wide
* Green and white Michael miller dandy damask – 100% cotton – 3 yards, 150cm wide
* Red with blue and white whales fabric – 100% cotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Navy blue acrylic felt – .6m, 80cm wide
* Rose pink stretch drill - Cotton lycra - 4.9m, 150cm wide
* Rose bed sheets
* Black satin bed sheets
* green micheal miller fabric
* Japanese leaf fabric

Stash Busting Ideas

* Top with purple/red/blue knitted fabric Home / Work Clothing

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