Wednesday, October 19, 2011

lots of sewing, no blogging.

Or Sew weekly challenges round up

It's been a while since I posted anything. I promise I haven't forgotten you, and I haven't stopped sewing: in fact, I've been caught in that weird dance of lots-of-sewn-things-to-post-about-but-no-time-to-photograph-or-blog.

So, in leiu of longer posts which I plan to write later (perhaps much later... November maybe? My life is a little manic until then...) I'm just going to write this post. It's a round up of sorts, publishing part of a list I have on my computer. The Sew Weekly Challenges list.

As I have written before, I'm trying to get caught up with the Sew Weekly Challenges. I'm using some things that I sewed earlier this year, but if it wasn't sewn this calendar year, I'm not including it in the challenge. I'm nowhere near caught up with the sew weekly challenges (so far, there have been 41 challenges, and I certainly haven't done all of them). But, I have begun the process of getting caught up. Self-Stitched-September helped me out with that.

So far, I have completed the following challenges:

Challenge #3: Something Floral, Something Blue. (Blue floral burda style drape dress)
Challenge #4: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Day After Dress)
Challenge #6: Seeing Red (Red 1950s style gathered dress)


Challenge #7: And the winner is... (Ruby shorts)
Challenge #12: UFOs (1950s skirt with bound button holes)
Challenge #13: Kiss the cook (J's apron)
Challenge #15: What's on television (Inara insipred bias dress)
Challenge #20: Embellish This! (Obi Wrap Belt)
Challenge #23: At the Races (Black and white stretch dress)
Challenge #29: Ahoy, Matey! (Nautical outfit with kasia skirt)
Challenge #30: Go West (Wild West dress with new underskirt for decency)
Challenge #37: Autumn Palette (Bias strip skirt)
Challenge #38: Pink (strawberry shortcake dress)


Challenge #41: Lounging Around (tara top and collette bloomers)

If my maths is correct, that makes 14 challenges completed since the beginning of September - not bad if you ask me.

And, I have the following things lined up, which have to be completed before November 8 when I am heading across to Perth for a family wedding:

Challenge #5: Stash busting: Toile for D's wedding dress and brides maid dresses.
Challenge #18: Mom: Going in the reverse direction, a wedding outfit for Mum.
Challenge #27: Cover Me: Mixed Blood, Gotye. Big patches of colour on album cover. Make a jacket to go with the strawberry cheesecake dress.

On top of which, I have the things I am sewing for school, and I have just gotten a new job. EEK! Wish me luck!

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