Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking Stock

I have sort of got my mess of a room under control, so my efforts to become more organised are moving to my sewing.

Specifically, more organised in terms of what I'm doing and accomplishing.

So, in that light, once a week - a Friday or Saturday - I'm going to post a variation of this one. Basically a list of my sewing plans, works in progress, and achievements this year. Taking Stock of what I'm doing and what I've done, what I'm planning and what I'm hoarding.

Finished Projects 2011

* Autumn leaf table runner                                                  Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Purple tea-with-the-debutants dress                                   Work Clothing
* Ruffle dress                                                                       Work Clothing
* Olive dress                                                                         Work Clothing
* Maroon Skirt                                                                      Work Clothing
* White damask skirt                                                             Work Clothing
* White Damask blazer                                                         Work Clothing
* Magenta stretch dress                                                         Work Clothing
* Green stretch dress                                                             Work Clothing
* Apron for Nerilee                                                               Gifts
* Apron for Robyn                                                                Gifts

What I accomplished this week (Friday to Thursday)

* Oopsie the Octopus                                                             Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Circles Table Runner                                                          Gifts (Tarof Family)
* A5 art book bag                                                                  Gifts (Tarof Family)

Projects on the go

* Pleated skirt with teal and black design                              Work Clothing
* Blazer with teal and black design                                       Work Clothing
* 4 x Baby bibs                                                                      Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Kyles’ art book cover                                                          Gifts (Tarof Family)
* Adam’s art book cover                                                        Christmas 2010
* 1 (or is it 2?) x cushions                                                       House Stuff
* 1950s Apron                                                                        Gifts (Tarof Family)

Future Projects with fabric already purchased

* 52 weeks of quilt blocks quilt                                              Christmas 2011
* 2 x Blue cushions                                                                House Stuff
* Black damask dress                                                             Work Clothing
* Pink and black damask dress                                               Work Clothing
* Hearts dress (fabric)                                                              Home Clothing
* Hearts dress (quilt cover)                                                      Home Clothing
* Teal dress                                                                             Work Clothing
* Wild west costume                                                                Home Clothing
* Tara top – floral quilting fabric                                              Home Clothing
* Tara dress – pink quilting fabric,                                           Home Clothing
* Ying Yang gathered top                                                        Home / Work Clothing
* Red ruffle skirt                                                                       Home / Work Clothing
* Blue corset with quilting fabric                                              Home Clothing
* Refashion of pink tops from Big W                                       Home Clothing
* Refashion of black patterned dress from Big W                     Home Clothing
* Refashion of purple patterned dresses from Big W                Home Clothing
* Underskirts / petticoats for summer dresses                            Home / Work Clothing

Future Project Ideas

* Shorts for pole                                                                        Home Clothing
* Olive jacket/ coat                                                                    Home / Work Clothing
* Slips to keep me warm under summer dresses                        Home / Work Clothing
* Duro Dress / top                                                                     Home / Work Clothing
* Over-The-Head 1950s reproduction pattern dress                  Home / Work Clothing
* Bag thing to cover and carry my baby sewing machine         Sewing Gadgets

Fabrics in my stash

* Purple/red/blue knitted fabric
* Fan fabric
* Striped (white base) terry towelling – polycotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Fish (white base) terry towelling – polycotton – scraps
* White/Cream stretch fabric – 100% cotton – 2m, 150cm wide
* Hearts in straight line (white base) stretch fabric – 100% cotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide
* Hearts (white base) stretch fabric – 100% cotton – 1m, 150cm wide
* Green leaves fabric – 100% cotton – 1m, 115 wide
* Green and white Michael miller dandy damask – 100% cotton – 3 yards, 150cm wide
* Red with blue and white whales fabric – 100% cotton – 1.5m, 150cm wide

Stash Busting Ideas

* Top with purple/red/blue knitted fabric Home / Work Clothing
* Tara dress with hearts fabric for nightgown? Home Clothing

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