Thursday, March 31, 2011

Me-Made-March 2011 Wrap Up

So, I know I haven't really been keeping you at all up to date about Me-Made-March, but that's okay, I guess (and meant that I got an extra bit of sleep every night that would otherwise have been spent blogging, which makes me immensely happy.

Today was the final day of Me-Made-March, and in some ways, I totally achieved my pledge, and in others I kinda failed. And by that, I wore an item of me-made clothing every day in March (Yay! go me!!). But, I didn't have a med-made accessory every day - I probably only had a me-made accessory half of the time (fail - boo me!). Which reminds me that really, accessories and I don't get along very well. I don't really do scarves or belts, I wear things in my hair rarely, and I have a calico tote bag and a back pack that suit me perfectly well for carrying my stuff. So, perhaps, knowing this about myself, it might have been a bit... silly... of me to decide I was going to have a me-made accessory every day. But, it was a learning experience.

I probably could ramble on for a decent while longer about my me-made-march experiences, but instead I'll post this photo, and say, there are sewing adventure posts in the works!

(And, yes, I know I missed day 13 and 27. I forgot to photograph day 13, and forgot to add day 27 to the collage)

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