Friday, September 3, 2010

My Goal - to complete every unfinished project in my sewing bag

With the start of our sewing group, I have set myself a new goal:

To finish all those projects that I'm part way through.

I'm hopeless at finishing things. I have skirts with no waist bands, or things that are unhemmed, or things I always meant to alter, and just never got around to. 

For most of the last year, I've used the excuse that I was working on my thesis, and couldn't possibly take the few hours needed to finish the projects in my sewing bag. But, now that I have graduated, I no longer have that excuse.

My aim is to complete one project every week (lets see how I go!).

 I shall call it:

The Sewing Basket Challenge!

Project One: Backing my parent's Kilim.


  1. A kilim is a polish tapestry. Stay tuned for the post describing the backing process!