Thursday, April 11, 2013


So. It's been 6 months, or there abouts since I last posted. I'm a bad blogger...

But, in my defence, 2012 was a busy year for me. I finished the course I was doing, while working full time, and also dancing two or three times a week, going hiking ever third or fourth weekend, and taking an extra class. I also applied to four costume schools. And made a wedding dress and 2 bridesmaids dresses.

Makes me tired just thinking about it.

The outcome of all of that in 2012 was that I got into WAAPA!!!! For those of you who don't know, WAAPA is the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. (I also got into 2 of the other schools that I applied to... but WAAPA was the one I wanted). So, I moved across the country.

So now, I'm stupidly busy, and it's amazing. I really love it.

Oh, and the wedding was beautiful, and the dress looked stunning on the bride. By the end of the process, I think the pattern was more mine that it was the original Vogue 1095, and it was stunning and perfect. It has the button on the back to allow her to dance, and fitted so well - the first time I did a fitting on her where I could actually touch her was a week before the wedding, so I was so relieved. The bridesmaid dresses are my original pattern.

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