Monday, February 21, 2011

Gah! Machine Failure!

My sewing machine died today.

It sews 2 stitches, then the threads get caught around the bobin, and it gets all tangled and angry. I have tried rethreading it, I have tried putting a different needle in, i took the plate off and got rid of all the little bits of fluff, I tried tightening and loosening the tension on the bobin, I tried both of sides of the tension plates for the needle thread, I tried different stitches, and I held the threads tightly, so that they weren't getting sucked into the first few stitches. Nothing worked. I came to the conclusion that the needle thread isn't being released properly by the bobin casing each stitch. So I end up with many of them, all wrapped around the bobin, which is bad and my machine makes a scary sound and generally, it just isn't good.

Now, normally this wouldn't cause me a great problem. I'd just take the machine in to be serviced (which I really should have done months ago, because the last service was seriously a decade ago. Scary to think that I've had the machine long enough to have a service a decade ago - and that was after having the machine for at least 5 years. (It's and Optima 190 - they were made in the mid eighties, so the machine is about the same age as I am.)  But, now, the fact that I will be sewing machine less is freaking me out - I have exactly one weeks worth of clothing that I can wear to my new office, real, adult job! I was planning to sew another 2 or 3 outfits this week. But now, I can't.

Totally increasing my stress levels.

Hope all your machines are working well!

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