Thursday, November 4, 2010

Simple refashion - skirt to shorter skirt

So, this is a really really easy refasion.

I started with this skirt.

The skirt was too tight around the waist, so I cut most of the top panel off, leaving enough to fold down to make a casing for elastic. To do this, I turned the skirt inside out, folded the top panel down to the ruffle, and pinned along the lower seam of the ruffle. Using this as a guide, I cut about 1.5cm past the line of pins.

This gave me a panel above the ruffle of about 5cm.

Next, I folded the panel in half, and folded it down over the back of the ruffle and pinned it in place.

Turning the skirt right side out, I sewed along the original line of stitching, leaving a gap of about 5cm to allow me to thread the elastic into it. Looking at the inside of the skirt, this created a casing I could feed elastic through.

I fed elastic into the casing, stitched the gap closed.

And, I had one upcycled skirt - cute pattern, cute length.

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  1. popped over from Wardrobe refashion, loved your sewing, so now I'm following your blog, look forward to seeing more of your work. Happy Holidays